Press Pass “What Others Say”

“My very good friend Rick Norcross, journalist, photographer, wit, raconteur, musician, songwriter and proud son of Vermont, has put together a stunning collection of photographs and music reviews from his five year sojourn at the Tampa Times between 1969-1974 when undoubtedly most of these rock stars were in their prime and when their music was relevant as part of the counter-culture. He had unprecedented access to these musicians both backstage and onstage and was able to take quite candid shots of them performing. And as a result, all the photographs have an immediacy we can only envy and be eternally grateful that Rick was able to record it for the rest of us. 

His review and interview with Bill Graham of Fillmore fame reveals a frightening character who’s not afraid to be seen exactly as he was and he must have been terrifying to deal with if you were trying to put on a concert with your protégées. He obviously didn’t see Rick’s interview as a threat which allows the rest of us to get a glimpse of one of the most influential men of his time in the music world. The photographs are stunning, “warts and all,” and again, the atmosphere is relaxed even though Rick must have been quite close to get the shots he did. The musicians seem blissfully unaware of his presence and as a result, you too are “there” almost standing onstage next to your favourite bands. Elvis has not yet left the building as here he is, resplendent in his white sequin-studded jumpsuit, even making Elton John look quietly dressed. Eric Clapton does not look like a bank manager here, an unfortunate persona he seemed to adopt later on in his career and it’s great to see Janis Joplin in full cry.

If you love music from this era you’ll love “Press Pass” which offers us a unique access via the written word and fantastic pictures of an amazing musical world, a golden era when it was great to be young. Thank you Rick.”

 …Catherine Wellings Gillespie, London, England – April 14, 2021

“This once in a generation opportunity is now available to uniquely experience and own what was previously restricted to anyone without a special press pass. The press pass that Rick Norcross earned after years of gaining the trust of superstars of our generation, gave him free reign to shoot photographs on-stage and back-stage. With this unequaled insider access, he takes you up close and personal. You are on stage with the Rock Legends and the music you love. Rick is now sharing this one-of-a-kind access that he cultivated over the years with the release of “Press Pass,” a collection of 100 of his favorite superstar concert photographs and concert reviews, available to you, right here, right now.”

 . ..Rick Garner, Music Lover & Impromptu Cabaret Dancer, Tampa, Florida – April 14, 2021

“No one can really argue that the best rock music was created between 1969 and 1974! That’s why it’s still played on the radio as the Classic Rock format in many cities. So when you see the black and white photos of the music greats captured in action by then Tampa Times photographer and music writer Rick Norcross, it brings you right back to that time. You can almost hear the music when you view the pictures! Check out the PRESS PASS collection and relive those great memories!”

…Dan Dubonnet, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Hall Communications, WOKO/WKOL/WJOY/WIZN/WBTZ

“I was so moved by this extraordinary collection of photographs of so many of the musicians making the music that shaped me and so many others. Included with this collection is the back story of how Rick Norcross came to take these wonderfully intimate photographs. Press Pass is a singularly unique collection that captures a really important period in American Music History. I believe there is no other collection like this in the world.”

… Lisa Marchetti, Musician, Burlington, Vermont

“The expressive images of these music icons triggered a recollection, equally heartwarming and heartbreaking, of that chapter in my life when I was becoming aware of who I was and who I was choosing to be. It was a good time to remember, and these captivating photographs made it even better. I predict that this compilation will touch others the way it touched me.”

… Johanna Prince, Folk Singer, Educator and early ‘60s Greenwich Village Denizen

“Rick Norcross was fortunate to have rare access to the best musicians our generation had to offer in the early 1970’s. His collection of photographs will put you right on stage with your favorite superstars. There is so much great stuff here. You won’t be disappointed.”

… Ken Grillo, Musician and Sound Engineer, Burlington, Vermont

“I had a great time going through the Press Pass collection. An awesome selection of musicians — being of a certain age, most of them were part of the soundtrack of my youth, and many of them still get air time around our house. You must have pushed a few boundaries to get those shots — the images are amazing. So close and personal — hard to believe a photographer could get that sort of access today. Next time through Press Pass, I plan to have Spotify fired up — the photographs call out for the music! Thanks for sharing your work.”

…Doug Greason, Musician, Waterbury, Vermont

“I am finally carving out time to delve into this Press Pass!   Wow!   I am blown away.  I wish you were here to bask in my elation!   Elton John’s butt!  Just for starters!   So many candid ‘in the moment’ images…   I hear the music in my head.  Wow.  Oh, how I wish I could have been there like you were.  It’s still scrolling across my screen as I write this….   I have several friends for whom this would make the greatest gift, so I dare say I will be back to order more.  Kindly alert before availability ends – if it might.   Rick – thanks so much for putting this out.  It really deserves to be a bound memoir.”

…Tammy Morissette, Underhill, Vermont

“Rick, I can’t thank you enough for the Press Pass thumb drive. So many photos, great stories and songs from your next CD. Again thank you so much!! Your life is so full of great memories and you are continuing along that road. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and milestone!! Thanks for sharing them with us Rick! 

…Mike Bevins, Musician, Milton, Vermont